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School and district representatives from across the country discuss their unique online and blended learning implementations. Find out how their programs have grown and evolved, including challenges and successes.

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Blended Learning at Casa Grande Elementary
School District, Arizona

Casa Grande provides content recovery in four core subjects throughout the school day to help middle school students close learning gaps. Hear district leaders share how their program started and how they measure success.

Length: 53:43

Blended Learning at Classical Academy, California

Learn how this charter school has evolved its blended program to provide flexible academic options for students. School representatives share how their program has evolved each year, including changes made and lessons learned.

Length: 59:12

Blended Learning at DB-EXCEL, Kingsport City Schools

Learn how this innovative Tennessee high school began its virtual and blended learning program. School officials relate how they use data from online curriculum and teacher-directed projects and other assignments to demonstrate student learning.

Length: 44:42

Blended Learning at Tift County School District, Georgia

Discover how this innovative Georgia district has implemented online and blended learning at its middle and high schools. Also, hear how Tift County School District plans to launch a new virtual academy for students in grades 6 through 12.

Length: 50:20

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How have other schools used our programs?

Read about schools and districts across the country that have implemented online and blended learning to overcome obstacles and promote positive outcomes.

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