Join the National Dropout Prevention Network

Schools currently using Edgenuity are eligible to receive a one-year membership.

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Establish Your Own Virtual School

Offer online courses using our curriculum and state-certified online teachers.

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Intervention for Middle School and High School

Help students performing below grade level make gains in reading and math.

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Expand Your Course Catalog

Enable students to take electives or world languages not offered at your school.

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Ensure Your Students Will Graduate on Time

Give high school students more ways to catch up and stay on track to graduate.

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See the Research

Find out how schools are decreasing dropout rates.

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Course Customization

Discover a more flexible way to meet your academic needs.

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Edgenuity MyPath

Edgenuity MyPath

Edgenuity MyPath, an online intervention program, uses data to pinpoint where students are struggling and provides them with targeted instruction to help them catch up, keep up, or get ahead. Find out how our engaging age-appropriate lessons have led to considerable gains in math and reading scores.   Learn more

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Edgenuity Student Demo

Take a tour of the Edgenuity student experience.

Student Testimonials

Blended Learning Helped Me Take Control of My Learning

Chenoa discusses how blended learning helped her take charge of her education and helped build her confidence.

Product Information

Edgenuity MyPath™

Edgenuity MyPath™ is a supplemental online intervention program that offers data-driven differentiated instruction for math and reading to help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead.