Incarcerated youth

Incarcerated Youth

Providing best-in-class web content without an open Internet connection

For students in correctional facilities, where an open Internet connection is prohibited, Edgenuity’s SecureNet connection allows a site to set up a completely secure copy of the student interface. When a site is running on SecureNet, students are directly connected to Edgenuity via a closed system. They can access only specified web sites and no others. At no time will students ever interact with the live Internet.

SecureNet features

Private intranet connection

SecureNet utilizes a private circuit between Edgenuity and the district, school, or other site. SecureNet runs on a physically separate server from any other Edgenuity system, providing the flexibility and efficiency of a web-based deployment while complying with security restrictions and guidelines for incarcerated or other secure student-user populations. The Edgenuity learning system, complete with online content, is delivered securely to the site with no possibility of “free browsing.”

A simulated online experience

Students in SecureNet sites enjoy all the benefits of a web-based system, but without the ability to browse unapproved web sites. Because the system exists on a private network and is not installed locally on individual computers, students can work from any desktop at the site. All data is immediately passed back to teachers and administrators.

Local media storage

To reduce bandwidth traffic, all rich media—including videos—is stored locally. This limits data flow on the private circuit and dramatically lowers the cost to the site. As Edgenuity makes course updates, new media is pushed to the local media server so that students have access to current resources at all times.