NCAA-approved courses prepare student athletes for college readiness

Edgenuity now offers a full complement of NCAA-approved courses

Edgenuity’s curriculum and instructional model have been reviewed by NCAA and found to meet their requirements for online courses. Districts and schools are welcome to enroll student athletes in Edgenuity courses through Edgenuity Instructional Services.

Districts and schools wishing to offer NCAA-eligible online courses using Edgenuity’s curriculum but not Edgenuity’s teaching services must still contact NCAA to submit documentation describing their implementation model and showing how it meets NCAA’s requirements. However, they should not need to submit Edgenuity’s curriculum since this has already been reviewed and approved.

“You get to learn a lot and you have to make yourself learn. It’s kind of like college in a way.”

Megan Butterman

Edgenuity continues to work with NCAA and has been awarded “extended evaluation” status. This indicates that NCAA has completed a thorough review of our curriculum and implementation model, and has found that it meets their guidelines for online courses. As part of the extended evaluation, NCAA continues to monitor coursework from actual student athletes enrolled in online courses through Edgenuity Instructional Services.

Both the NCAA and Edgenuity share a commitment to rigorous, standards-aligned online instruction for student athletes.

For more information about how to implement NCAA-approved courses with Edgenuity’s Instructional Services, please contact your Edgenuity Account Executive or call 1-877-CLICKS.