The Edgenuity Difference

Redefining student engagement and achievement

When transitioning to a blended learning model, course content and curriculum that is both rigorous and engaging is critical to your success. That’s why Edgenuity offers a broad catalog of over 200 core and elective courses with an instructional model grounded in research. As the first educational publisher to be recognized as a WebbAlign® Depth of Knowledge Partner by the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services, we are committed to implementing the Depth of Knowledge framework into our curriculum
and assessment materials.

Edgenuity’s courses engage students with direct-instruction videos taught by expert, on-screen teachers, interactive learning tools, and checks for understanding embedded strategically throughout each lesson. And because we believe the role of the teacher in the classroom is vital to the success of your blended program, we provide a learning management system that empowers educators with real-time, actionable data, allowing them to easily monitor
student progress and achievement.

Engaging Course Content

Evidence-Based Instructional Model

Real Results

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